CNC Wood Lathe/3D scanner/Tools sharpener
CNC Wood Lathe/3D scanner/Tools sharpener
Hot Sale Single Axis Double Blades CNC Wood Lathe Machine for Stair Handrail

Brief Introduction:

Model: UG-1530WL
Max. processing length 1500mm
Max. turning diameter 300mm
Single axis double blades
GXK 1000TA controller with handhweel



Suitable for handrail, vase,table leg, European style furniture, Roman pillar, wooden clothes hanger & washbasin, kingpost, aisle column, waist drum, solid wood furniture, solid wood stairs, home decoration,wooden decoration, wooden artware,columniform conical, arc-shaped, sphere,ect all kinds of solid of revolution wooden product or semi-finished wooden products.

Materials can be processed: all kinds of wooden materials, such as beech, oak, ailanthus birch,teak, sapele, fraxinus mandshurica, merbau, sandalwood,bubinga, ect.


High efficiency,high surface finish,big diameter turning broaching engraving wood lathe machine

Adopts double blades, one is front, the other is back, 10mm distance between 2 blades in the axis direction, improve the working efficiency. Finish one wood cylinder turning broaching engraving just needs 90s at least.

One time setting multi functional processing, auto switching for turning, broaching, milling spiral surface, curve surface, flat engraving, suitable for complicated beautiful workpiece processing.

Auto changing turning & engraving angle, meet the requirements of big diameter wood cylinder processing

Can adjust each blades turning proportion at random according to processed materials, reducing the workpiece bounce and vibration, increasing the turning wood finish.

Numerical control frequency conversion, energy-saving power, adjusting speed timely, multistage safe protection

Adopting high performance inverter, frequency conversion, step-less speed change, adjusting turning speed timely according to workpiece's diameter, saving power.

Multistage safe protection, protect motor and machine effectively, ensuring machine working under the normal loading.

Adporting famous GXK controller with handhweel USB connection, easily to change the pattern, no need programming at site, system can upgrade

Easy drawing,just draw the easy pattern, then can process, no need complicated programming.

System can upgrade with USB disk file, realizing remote redact and local operation.

Supporting single blade, double blades one time process, no need complicated program to finish multiple different turning, meets with different workpiece requirement, easy and fast.

Pause and memory function, more convenient for inspect workpiece processed quality( precision and finish), timely adjusting.

Specialized CNC control high precision control system, easy to operate, short leaning, no need specialized knowledge, fast processing speed and good uniformity of finished products.

Heavy duty Cast iron machine bed, less deformation and stable transmission

Machine bed's design & processing is standard according to processing machine norm, adopting one time casting, aging treatment, less deformation, increasing machine using stability.

Imported Hiwin, Taiwan Linear square guide rail with ball bearing slide block which ensure high weight capacity,  high precision, smooth and steady running. 

Helical gears pinion and rack transmission Y- axis, higher running speed and efficiency, saving cost. 

X Z- axis with precision ball screw, high precision and more durable.

 The maxin motor adorpting 4.0kw three phases asynchronous motor and XYZ-axis with famous ACT  86BYGH450B stepper motor ,and  YAKO 2D 811 stepper driver,  high precision, fast speed and more stable.  
Air cooled electronic control cabinet, lowering the temperature of control cabinet effectively, long time all electronic component life time.

With large diameter proetction sheath, adoviding wood shading during processing, and has the air cylinder clamping materials at the back tailstck., convenient and stable working


Maximum processing length


Maximum turning diameter



Single axis two blades


Heavy duty cast iron machine bed

Air pressure


Maximum processing speed


Minimum processing unit



X, Z-axis : lead ball screw transmission diameter 25mm, Y-axis: helical rack and pinion

Guide rail

Linear square guide rail, Hiwin, Taiwan, diameter 25mm

Spindle turning speed


Main motor power

4kw, three-phase asynchronous motor

Control system

GXK 1000TA controller with handhweel


Stepper motor,86BYGH450B, 1.8°, 5.0A, act-motor


Stepper driver, Yako, 2D811


BEST, China, install the adjusting panel on the control cabinet, can do 0-2800rpm adjusting at random

Drawing Software


Hand controller recognize file


Rotate top & Tailshaft

Rotate top Mohs # 5 & # 70 Tailshaft

Material clamping method

Air cylinder clamping

Blades material

Superhard alloy


AC 380V ±10%, 50/60Hz, three phases or

AC 220V ±10%, 50/60Hz, single phase

Lubrication system


Oil-water separator


Machine size


Packing size






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